FodderFacts No. 3

Unless you have just spent the last five years on another planet you could not have missed the fact that food pollution and food safety have been in the news a lot lately. Here are just a few examples:-

  • Dioxins found in Belgian sausages, which torpedoed their export industry.
  • Feeding of re-cycled sewage to cattle - exposed in France.
  • Mass cattle deaths in Australian beef cattle feedlots resulting from botulism caused by feeding ground up animal protein and faeces from the chicken industry.
  • Cattle herds ravaged by foot and mouth disease in South America, and now UK and Europe.
  • CJD in humans caused by BSE (mad cow disease) jumping the species barrier first to cattle and then to humans, starting in the UK.
  • BSE (Mad Cow) disease spreading from the UK into Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxemberg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and perhaps Sweden.
  • Fish flu virus outbreaks devastating fish farm stocks in Norway, Scotland, Canada and more recently US aquaculture.
  • Devastation of Australian tuna farms caused by disease-infected fish feed products from South American killing Australian tuna and millions of pilchards that were unlucky enough to be passing by.
  • Outbreaks of Swine Fever in the UK, Netherlands, and Taiwan.
  • Mass death of prized yearlings at major Australian thoroughbred horse sales caused by botulism.

The list is long, continues to grow and would suggest that mankind does not seem to have learnt from past mistakes of using expedient practices when intensively feeding.

The advent of Mad Cow Disease, its long gestation period and the hideous way that the human variant «CJD» attacks the human brain may be the wake up call that mankind needs. Humans are polluting the food chain as if there was no tomorrow and it is becoming evident that this may backfire.

"For a long time now humans have been feeding animals as if they were convenient, mobile garbage disposal units without any real concern about what may happen further down the food chain - for example inside the bodies of our own children", said Kim Campbell, CEO of Australian company Fodder King Ltd. "The problem is, some of these food safety problems take a very long time to manifest themselves - as we are witnessing with Mad Cow Disease", said Campbell.

Fodder King is an Australian company which specialises in the production and marketing of clean, green nutritionally-rich animal fodder. The company utilises new technologies which have been developed in Australia and patented in a number of fodder producing countries.

The technologies employed by Fodder King enable the company to produce fodder on a mass scale from a crop that could lay claim to being the 21st century's wonder crop - lucerne (also known as alfalfa). Traditionally this crop has been limited in its use due to problems associated with broadacre growing, harvesting, long distance freight and exporting - problems that Fodder King has overcome.

Making hay the Fodder King way will lead to global opportunites for the greater use of high quality lucerne-based feeds. Demand is already large and is growing at a rapid rate. With the global need to take food security far more seriously Fodder King is well poised to become a major force in the burgeoning world fodder trade which has gone virtually unnoticed for decades. «Mad Cow Disease aside, we have been experiencing an increasing stream of enquiries for our product from all over the world - and I guess we will now have to add Europe as a potential new market for our products», said Campbell.
Paul McCardell 02 9558 4988; 0409 466 879
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Fodder King is currently raising funds to expand its operation, and its new prospectus, registered with the ASIC, can be obtained from the company's office.

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