FodderFacts No. 6


Huge export opportunity to cater for world population growth

Severe environmental pressures on the world's grazing lands and natural fisheries caused by excessive population growth have opened up export opportunities for high quality Australian fodder, which promises environmental benefits for the world as well as economic benefits for the nation, it was claimed today.

"Intense pressure is building on the world, particularly in highly populated regions such as North East Asia and South East Asia, to come up with more efficient and sustainable ways of feeding itself" said Kim Campbell, director responsible for export sales for Australian company Fodder King Limited. "This is creating substantial new market opportunities for Australian companies like specialist fodder producer and marketer Fodder King.

"In the past few years alone Fodder King has received enquiries for over $200 million worth of product, mostly as a result of word of mouth publicity", Kim added.

"Demand for our lucerne products is being driven by the need of intensively farmed livestock such as dairy and beef cattle for high impact efficient feed".

The world-wide consumption of meat by humans more than doubled between 1970 and 2000, while the consumption of fish products has increased from 10 to 30 million tonnes over the last decade alone. "With the experts predicting world food demand to double over the next 25 years, and demand for high protein foods such as meat, fish and dairy products predicted to grow even faster, the pressure will really be on intensive animal production and aquaculture to deliver the goods" claimed Campbell.

"Beef, dairy and seafood products are being consumed as never before and the trend is increasing, but most of the countries that we

receive enquiries from don't have the climate, space or expertise to grow the kind of fodder that these intensively farmed animals need", Kim said.

"Through the introduction of patented, Australian developed technology, Fodder King is able to consistently produce higher nutritional value fodder and deliver it at a lower cost to export markets than would be achieved by traditional methods".

Lucerne (also known as alfalfa), Fodder King's mainstream product, has been recognised for decades as the King of Fodders. It contains a well-balanced profile of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals and is a 'clean green' high impact all in one feed package for animals.

Incorporation of high quality lucerne into animal diets results in rapid weight gains and jumps in milk production. Because it is highly digestible almost all of it gets used by the animal for growth and very little is wasted.

"With its ongoing commitment to research and development, Fodder King is well placed to expand its Australian production base and further increase its competitiveness in domestic and world markets for its High Tech Hay.

"Australia's vast land-mass, agricultural expertise and low dollar, place the nation in a unique position to capitalise on these market opportunities, and to do so in such a way as to carve out a profitable reputation as a clean, environmentally sustainable source of raw and processed animal feeds for domestic and overseas livestock and aquaculture."


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