Lucerne Hay for Horses

Fodder King Lucerne Hay:
Why is it better?

Fodder King Lucerne hay and chaff are produced under strictly controlled conditions which ensure consistently high quality. Only carefully selected properties in Australia's premium lucerne growing regions have been chosen to grow lucerne for Fodder King. Then only the best lucerne stands are selected for baling.

Fodder King staff supervise the growing of the lucerne to minimise the presence of impurities. Then Fodder King carries out the critical mowing and baling phase, using special techniques pioneered by Fodder King. This produces hay of measurably higher quality.

Tests carried out by the NSW Department of Agriculture show that hay produced using Fodder King techniques is of higher average protein and energy content than other lucerne hays.

Why is Lucerne Hay

High quality lucerne hay provides a natural and well balanced diet for your horse. It is a rich source of protein, energy, minerals, vitamins and long fibre so necessary for your horse's proper digestion.

Fodder King's high protein content relative to grains makes it valuable in the diet of growing animals for the formation of muscle tissue. The high levels of calcium, phosphorus and sulphur rich amino acids results in the development of strong limbs. Fodder King lucerne hay is an ideal food for breeding programs.

For a mature horse, under light work conditions, Fodder King lucerne hay can provide all of its average daily nutritional requirements. However, further energy may be required in the diets of animals under heavier work conditions, and for those growing or lactating. This energy is often provided by the addition of concentrated feeds, to the diet in the form of grains and oils.

It is important that horses have at least 30% by weight of roughage in their diet. Fodder King lucerne is therefore an important part of a horse's balanced diet. As lucerne hay is a dry feed always ensure that an ample supply of clean drinking water is available.

You should seek the advice of your veterinary consultant when preparing a diet for your horse's particular work regime.


Nutritional Information
High Quality Lucerne Hay

Daily offering to mature
500kg horse
Bale Data on maintenance on Light Work
Dry Matter
Nutrient Approx Content of the Average Bale % Average Daily Allowance for 500kg Mature horse
on maintenance on Light Work
Digestible Energy

Crude protein



11 MJ/kg

19.0% of DM

1.9% of DM

1.0% of DM
0.28 %
180 ppm
89 ppm
17 ppm
13 ppm









High Quality Lucerne Hay is also a rich source of Vitamins.
A, E, K, B, D
* The balance of the sulphur requirements in the diet is provided from the high quality protein with Sulphur rich amino acids.

What is Lucerne?

Lucerne (Medicago Sativa) or Alfalfa is a green leafy crop similar to clover. It is very high in nutrients and is well noted for its:

  • high fibre content
  • high protein content
  • high mineral content
  • high vitamin content
  • high digestibility
  • good energy

Hay Quality - How to tell the difference

Poor quality hay is typified by:
  • low leaf content
  • high levels of foreign matter
  • large variations in moisture, content
  • high leaf loss
  • poor shelf life
  • dustiness
  • musty smell

Making quality hay is dependent on producing lucerne of the correct moisture content at baling time. Too dry and hay is stalky and dusty with low leaf content. This means low food value and low value for money. Dusty feed can make horses susceptible to catarrh and hay fever.

Too wet and the hay heats during storage and becomes mouldy, shortening the storage life. Excessively mouldy hay can induce colic in horses.

A heavy bale is not necessarily a quality bale, as the weight can vary widely with moisture content. It can be a danger sign that the bate was too moist when baled. A key bay quality factor is the dry matter content.

Fodder King bales hay in the optimum band of moisture conditions.

Fodder King - Guarding Your Animal's Health

Using advanced farming techniques Fodder King's lucerne growers seek to reduce the use of farm chemicals to a minimum while minimising the incidence in impurities,

In the growing phase, only NSW Department of Agriculture approved sprays are used to reduce weed and other infestations.

In the harvesting phase only non chemical moisture conditioning is employed by Fodder King, This avoids the use of chemical conditioners and mould retardants that may produce allergic reactions in animals.



To get the best out of performance horses it stands to reason you need performance feed. That means high energy, good protein and a balance of vitamins and minerals - all you need for an elite athlete. The only natural food that provides all this is high quality lucerne hay.

Fodder King lucerne hay is a high quality stock food which has been selected and processed utilising the special Fodder King techniques which ensure high quality and consistency. The lyceum chosen to become Fodder King hay is of the finest quality, with the minimum of impurities, selected from properties in Australia's premium lyceum growing areas.

When you choose Fodder King Lyceum Hay you are purchasing a dependable high quality product that is an important ingredient in the healthy diet of prized animals.

Fodder King Grading System

Fodder King lyceum hay is sold by description using both objective (protein and energy test results) and subjective criteria.

This allows you, our client, to specify which grade of hay you want using our standard grading system. This eliminates any confusion and Fodder King can consistently deliver the grade of hay that you specify.

This saves you time and money because you no longer have to ring several farmers to identify what might be good hay and then spend time and money driving around looking at it because the farmers idea of "great hay" might be nothing like yours.

Storage Hints

To maintain the high quality of your Fodder King hay it should be cared for like any other naturally produced food. It is best stored under cover preferably in a shaded, well ventilated shed away from damp surfaces.

Rain and sunlight destroy many of the important naturally occurring minerals and vitamins in hay - especially Vitamin A.
Bale Replacement

Fodder King will replace, when notified at time of delivery, Fodder King products that carry the Fodder King label that do not meet the specified Fodder King standards.

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